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Welcome to the Illawarra's Spanish Community Website

Located on the beautiful South Coast of New South wales, Australia, the Illawarra is a dominant centre of multiculturalism for the nation. Immersed in the region and its history is the Spanish Community, most of which migrated here in the early 1960's from many regions of Spain.  But the community is more than just the Spaniards with immigrants of central and Latin America also settling here in the 1970's and through to this day.

Our combined Hispanic Cultures, now immersed in this region will continue to contribute to the tapestry of Australian history and future.

HealthMoves - Illawarra


NSW Health has introduced a new program for our multicultural community.

In the downloads area are flyers for HealthMoves programs for our Autumn 2016. Registrations are now open!


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Australian History: Spanish Explorers

In the early 17th century one Spanish captain came very close to landing in Australia. Around this time Spain had established colonies in parts of South America and in 1605 a small fleet of three Spanish shies under the command of Pedro Fernandez de Quiros set out from the port of Callao in Peru specifically in search of the unknown south land.


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The Spain-born Community

Historical Background

Spain's first significant contribution to Australia predates the arrival of the first Spanish settlers with the introduction in 1797 of Spanish sheep to New South Wales. These sheep were the beginning of the Australian Merino breed.

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The first recorded Spanish free settler to Australia was J.B.L. De Arrieta, who arrived in 1821. The NSW colonial government granted him 2000 acres of land at Morton Park. He died in 1838 and is remembered through the naming of Spaniard's Hill near Camden.

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